About the Symposium

The Two Thousand + symposium is an annual one day research event, which has been running alongside the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music in Belfast since 2006. It is a day during which performance practitioners from diverse areas such as music, sonic arts, dance, theater, new media, as well as theorists come together to cover a wide variety of topics on performance informed by new technologies.

During the symposium day on the 6th of November, we will have selected papers, two keynote talks plus concerts (see Concerts Page for more details).
Here is the Call for Papers.
The symposium is free to attend, but registering via Email will be essential as places are limited to 50.
Register your interest with me:

Franziska Schroeder: F.Schroeder@qub.ac.uk
Initiatrice of the Two Thousand + Symposia series

The Two Thousand + TEN symposium will be co-hosted by the European 2007 project CO-ME-DI-A (Cooperation and Mediation in Digital Arts), and will run alongside several showcase events/performances by COMEDIA partners.
There will be an improvised music collective directed by Evan Parker.
Click here for Call Them Improvisors!


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