The concerts taking place before, during and after the symposium will include performers and venues in Graz and Hamburg, performing in, on and across the network.

During the four days of events (4-7 November 2010) we present experimental and groundbreaking work in the field of network performance. We will be revisiting 20th Century classics performed across Europe. Invited artists include Carin Levine (flute) and Evan Parker (saxophone) who will be performing new network-centric pieces by artists associated with the Sonic Arts Research Centre and the Comedia project including Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder, Andrea Szigetvári, Felipe Hickmann, Rui Chaves, Justin Yang, Patricia Alessandrini, Shirin Abu Shaqra, Alain Renaud, Imogene Newland, Pierre Proske, Robert King, Winfried Ritsch and The European Bridges Ensemble amongst others.

Concerts curated by Pedro Rebelo and Evan Parker. See Sonorities Page for Details.


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